The Rapid Roller Shutter is a closure system with high-performance technologies for a rapid, strong, safe and exclusive application. These closures combine extreme functionality with cutting-edge design. 

The SPEED 1.5 is the suitable product for a quick and repeated passage of vehicles or people. It easily responds to the requirements dictated by different applications, such as: outside doors with heavy-duty use, doors installed inside the working premises to block air flows and / or dividers to separate rooms areas with different temperatures for a better energy saving.

The mantle is made entirely with insulated elements in aluminum or steel and, upon request, with transparent observation panels. Available in any RAL color to provide a customized and more pleasant design.

With the application of a special motorization it is possible to accelerate the opening/closing up to 1.5 m / sec. even for large clear openings. It can be also equipped with different accessories that allow the immediate opening/closing system, such as push-button, radar, induction loop, photocell and light barrier. This type of product require a minimal maintenance and ensure maximum durability.


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