A family story

Conegliano Serramenti’s 40-years history indicates the strength of a company that has had an impressive track record in innovation over the years.
Founded in 1977 by Antonio Marcon, the company has shown an increasing growth which determined its transformation from a handicraft stamp to an industrial productive reality. Today, Conegliano Serramenti is a young, forward-looking company, fueled with the same enthusiasm and determination. The key feature of the Company is represented by the commitment to invest in its own resources, because only with research and development it is possible to offer a high-quality product.

"... In the last two years we have created new products able to respond to the changes in market demand. We created new patents for technological and cutting-edge solutions which allow us to assert ourselves against our competitors. We work in partnership with foreign companies, with whom we have established direct links in order to compete in the European market. All this is because the desire to build something and leave it to our children is written in our DNA. "

Sandra Marcon AD


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