A family story

In 1977 Antonio Marcon, at the age of 39, driven by his enthusiasm and stimulated by his passion for the iron, decided to leave a permanent job and create a reality on which he could pour his desire for success.

Conegliano Serramenti Snc born thus, as a manifacturer company of rolling shutter and folding gates, wich in few years became the supplier of the major Italians reseller.Over time, to help the indispensable workers’s activity, the company invested in machinery in order to speeding up and implementing the production, and already during the firts years it becames a manufacturer of 70 different models.We never missed the innovation spirit and with the continuous inclusion of new products helps the amend of the Company name that changed in the 2016 from Conegliano Serramenti to Conegliano Group srl.

The new brand includes a ever bigger number of closures: the hystorical products of Conegliano Serramenti snc, anti burglary with Ever brand, fire and smoke protection products Blackfire and in addition to the special, but now standard, products of the catalogue Sicurezza che arreda, intended to protect or compartmental areas of ships, hotels, airports, shops and houses, all and always taylor made!

Today the tradition continues, Antonio Marcon left us on July 31st 2018, his memory of a stubborn and honest man remains within our walls and our machinery and we thank him for everything.The researching of new projects is unstoppable after more than 40 years.We can only insist, between difficulties and hard-won successes, and still and always aim at the quality ofour proposals and respect for professional ethics, we belive that cooperation is the keyto achieving the best goals.


"... In the last two years we have created new products able to respond to the changes in market demand. We created new patents for technological and cutting-edge solutions which allow us to assert ourselves against our competitors. We work in partnership with foreign companies, with whom we have established direct links in order to compete in the European market. All this is because the desire to build something and leave it to our children is written in our DNA. "

Sandra Marcon AD


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