Insulated and Sectional Garage doors

Sectional garage doors are made of insulated blanket sp. 42mm opening up. The panels are made with various surface finishes such as embossing wood / plaster, smooth finish or wood effect finish and are supplied with gasket seal and bottom sill upper ledge of lintel.

The panels can also be with or without slats or with footprint coffered and can be painted in a wide range of colors. The guides and the shaft spring interiors are made of galvanized steel and are equipped with safety devices against breakage of the ropes or springs. The sliding ceiling and secured by shaped guides which allow to measure various sliding solutions depending on the characteristics of the installation hole. And 'possible to equip the door with various accessories such as pedestrian doors, portholes placed, ventilation grille or engine complete with safety and remote control.

All ns. doors are equipped with fall protection and are certified to CE standard.

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