Folding Gate

The extensible gates are widely used in the protection of inputs, businesses, offices and homes. In addition to being robust and practical in use, they are quite effective to prevent rapid intrusion without compromising brightness and aesthetics. All products are strictly customized. Moreover, customized realizations can be arched, curved, opened or with fanlight, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Thanks to reduced spaces and nice finishes available, they are the best safety solution currently available in terms of quality-price ratio.

They are made with high durability and resistance materials, such as galvanized steel for models ROMBO CS / CS ONDA and ROBUS / ONDA or Stainless Steel for model CS INOX The internal structure of SICURO Certified Folding Gate is made entirely of Stainless Steel, while the external cover is composed of vertical tubes in aluminum which hide the junction points and protect the gate from the elements and the dust.

All necessary elements for the sliding are made of engineering plastics, so as to assure a slightly and noiseless movement to the Folding gate, a feature always more and more appreciated by our customers.

In its very first years of life,  this product proved to be the flagship of our manufacturing, given their Certification Class 2 and Class 3 for burglary resistance, in accordance with the European standard EN 1627-1 and resistance to corrosion standard UNI 5687- 73 for pillars and levers.

The Folding Gates can be only manually operated. Both products can be painted with powder coating with a wide range of colors and finishes.