Industrial rolling shutters

Shutters built with double closed elements preplasticized steel, painted steel and pre-painted aluminum, step 90 and 123 mm respectively, with internal insulation in polyurethane foam. Complete with sturdy guides pressopiegate galvanized depth varying from 60 to 80 with seals, with flags or support brackets tree. The surfaces of the dampers are supplied fully assembled, equipped with nylon side slat stop skid, onshore terminal in extruded aluminum with rubber-coated fire black standard. The winding shaft spring is galvanized steel 76-89 - 101 should robust spring boxes 240/280 mm depending on the shaft used. The winding shaft is rotating without compensation springs steel primed Ø 159-168 - 193-219 - 244 and over. Shutters manually operated through spring shaft, engine operation with Axial engine installed on the shaft, working with rotating shaft without springs with engine side. In case of windy areas, where local needs of the intrusion or even for installation in front with mandatory compliance on class wind, comes a strong "tear Kit" possibility of inclusion of short or long windows with plexiglass.