Garage doors: sectional doors, overhead doors, rolling shutters

The range of Garage Doors provides many solutions of materials, colors and applications. The multiple features of the Sectional Doors can be summarized as follows:
A wide range of colors and finishes are available to the customer to give vent to creativity and the desire for creativity.

They may be installed even in locations where the architrave/lintel is arch shaped, with rounded or oblique edges. Product easy to install; the components are supplied pre-assembled and well protected. It is possible to equip the door with various accessories such as: pedestrian door, visual panels, aeriation grills. It represents a handy closure system for those who use it daily, both with manually and automatic operation.

The Insulated Rolling Shutters P 77 / P 100 were designed to isolate the environments (such as garages). The reduced space occupied by the winding represents a good reason for the Insulated Rolling Shutter to be the best alternative to sectional doors, also in terms of costs. They are available with various finishes, from galvanized steel to pre-painted aluminum. There is a wide range of standard colors, including the most special : simil walnut wood medium (or light) and dark for the DP 77 model, while for the DP 100 model the color choice is endless.

Depending on the size, it can be manually operated, motorized with dead-man operation or with remote control.

The wide range of Garage Doors responds to every customer’s need in terms of size, location and application of the garage facility. It ensures absolute reliability (tests were made to guarantee thousands and thousands operations) in order to provide the maximum safety and convenience of use.

With its unrivaled security, our Garage Door provides a manual or motorized operation. The models Wind and Superwind, with counterweights, are made of molded and reinforced steel, both paintable.

The version Panel iscomplete of a mantle made of insulated panels, in different finishes: smooth, embossed wood, stucco or "fake wood" in various shades.

The version Elegant iscomplete of a mantle made of sheet metal thk.1,0 mm, available in 3 different finishes (vertical slats / horizontal slats / fishbone slats). The door can be insulated and internally finished, upon request, with metal panels or okumè panels. 

The Garage Doors are equipped with anti-drop system and certification in accordance with CE standard.