Polycarbonate rolling shutter

Rolling Shutter made of Polycarbonate mantle, suitable for transparency and safety needs, showcases, industrial and civil application. The particular shape of the panels ensures an optimal resistance of the mantle from potential aggressors’ shattering. Others characteristics of the rolling shutter in Polycarbonate are the retardant resistance to flames, according to European security regulations The features of the Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter are: resistance to impacts, flame-retardant properties – in accordance with European safety standards and French classification M2- easy to clean, resistant to water, dust, cold and UV rays, which means it guarantees its transparency of 87% over time. The shutter has noiseless operation and it is made of window slats 83 mm high, 360 mm width, connected and held together by horizontal aluminum tubes D. 16 mm (stainless steel tubes AISI 316 upon request) inserted through the rings of the slats to provide an articulated hinge system. 

Complete with lateral guides, gaskets, flags, spring-boxes and shaft in galvanized steel with diameter and thickness suitable for rolling shutters dimension. Bottom slat made of a blank end slat with an “L” profile in stainless steel, 2 or 3 blank slats in the upper part of the shutter for the winding of the shaft. Motor or manual drive are available.


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