Gratings and Shutters

To open the front door represents a daily gesture which can be more enjoyable if a grate guarantees the maximum security and reveals our taste for quality choices with its elegance.
These type of closures are the best solution for protecting private homes and shops, combining aesthetics and functionality. A design which, in its simplicity, wants to talk about love for what concern beautiful and authentic things. Such strong and solid manufactures can provide architectural outcomes of a remarkable elegance.

The range of Ornamental Grate are provided in the following types: swing, fixed and sliding inside the box; they are solutions that allow our prestigious customers to secure all environments. For swing achievements we rely always on the highest quality materials which BLINDACCIAIO, a profile which since 2001 has given the range a 'high security and robustness that guarantees the uniqueness of the product since there is no other manufacturer on the market that achieve Grate Security with the mentioned profile.

The Certificated Security Gates enrich the range of residential entrance introducing an articulated security closure that offers the possibility to open/close by swinging inward/outward the local overlay of a opening frame, a shutter or a blind balcony. The patented, retractable, self-locking swivel flange gives to the grille a simple and clean look as well as the rigidity of a classic railing swing. Such product is endowed with the Certification in Class 3 for burglary resistance in accordance with the European standard ENV 1627-1.

Furthermore, the production of Blackout Blinds derives from the need to combine security needs and brownout that visually recalls the application of the shutters at the outer edge of the building in traditional architecture. This system provides an external protection against high resistance to burglary, thanks to its BLINDACCIAIO profiles. Thus, the elegance of shapes joins the guarantee of safety, also thanks to the use of integrated accessories against burglary. All products are manually operated and can be painted with powder coating with a wide range of colors and finishes.